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The renowned hip brand Rollerblade® is now available in Malta.  Enjoy get fit, beat the traffic.  Choose from a Selection of fitness and Urban Rollerblades and order online 100% safe from our online Site.  We will deliver free of Charge to your door in Malta! Order today and start enjoying life on wheels!. 

With such a congestion in Maltese roads Rollerblading your way around is a solution.  It is not bulky and can be easily transported around.  Once you are confident you can start commuting from one place to another without the frustration of being stuck in  a car.  All of which whilst getting fit in the process!

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Whether it is rollerblading along the Sliema front or fast skating at Ta Qali, rollerblading is a gret way to get Fit...Rollerblading is not only excellent leg work out but burns approx 360 calories per hour...  Skate in groups or on your own at your own pace or even with your dog! all of which ensuring you have fun and get a good work out.

How to Control Speed

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Rollerblade Tips

Rollerblade Tips